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Read Any Good Books Lately?

3 Apr

My favorite part of any home is the bookshelf.  I’m among that group which delights in the feel of a book, takes joy in opening a book’s pages, and relishes in devouring a well-written volume.  Words are so powerful that I consider it a privilege to make a living writing.  I have quite a few books, but there’s one book I have multiple copies of – the Bible, of course.

Cover of "The Everyday Life Bible: The Po...

Cover via Amazon

I actually don’t have a count on the number of Bibles I have.  My favorite kind of purchase, which may be obvious, is a new type of Bible that will add a new dimension to reading God’s Word.  Among my Bibles are:

  • The Everyday Life Bible (Amplified Bible featuring notes and commentary by Joyce Meyer).  This one is large and maroon colored bonded leather and still smells like a new book every time I open the pages, which is a direct answer to what may be an actual silly prayer.  Did God answer my prayer, or does everyone’s copy of this Bible perpetually smell like a new book?
  • The Legacy Study Bible, New King James Version, which Hank Hanegraaff is the General Editor of.  The appeal with this book is that there is plenty of room in the margins to write notes.  It’s black bonded leather.
  • The Daily Walk Bible, New Living Translation, include 365 devotional helps that guide readers through the entire Bible in one year.  I love this paperback volume because it gives nice insights about the daily Bible passages.
  • My favorite small, portable Bible is from Tyndale and it’s bonded leather in brown and has a little latch to close it, though my latch is almost severed from the book.
  • There are more, but I’ll share that my only leather Bible is the Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Daily Bible, NKJV.  The soft, supple leather binding is delicious to the touch, and the insights provided by Dr. Stanley are excellent.

Yes, the Bible is absolutely my favorite book and a daily read.  But I also very much enjoy reading other types of books, which I’ll share in a future post.

What’s your favorite Bible?  And if you don’t own your own Bible, let me know.  I have some spares!