Have You Found Your Jam?

14 May


It’s time to add a new definition to the dictionary. “Jam” isn’t mere fruit-jelly because my “jam” is the absolute spice of life. What has you going back for more forever and without hesitation? It’s something you can always find energy for, even when you were previously completely out of gas. My jam is God-given opportunities to minister. That sense of knowing that I’ve been called, I’ve been sent seems to bring every cell in my body and brain to life.

God recently surprised me by giving me a new jam. It’s an unexpected jam, but it makes perfect sense, based on all that God has done in and through me. And my jam is…drumroll, please…praying for people in person and interceding as a lifestyle throughout every day. The topic of prayer, such as reading the works of famed prayer master E. M. Bounds, gives me jittery butterflies of anticipation. I want to absorb all that I can about prayer so that I can give my very best to my jam.

It’s not just me and a chosen few who have God-given callings. When we follow Jesus and choose to live as Christians, we all have a calling that gives us the fullness of joy. There are phases of life when we are being prepared to walk in that calling. In my 40 years as a born-again Christian, I first waited a God-led 12 years and then had 6 power-packed years of being out there in the world, walking in my calling, sharing the Good News of salvation through Jesus. It involved singing in prisons; writing, hosting, and editing a television show for kids; rapping in prisons; and producing an “album” of original music.

Then my calling changed. Helping to raise up godly grandchildren has been my behind-the-scenes jam for 10 years–and prep for that gig lasted 12 years! (Till just now, I didn’t realize there was a pattern of a dozen years of waiting!) The waiting part is exciting when every day is spent seeking God’s face. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say being in my jam is the best part of life.

Do you know what your jam is? Are you jamming?

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