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A Grieving Toddler Deals

16 Apr

We made a donation of gently used baby toys to KinderCare, the daycare where Aubrianna spent most of her first 2 ½ years.  She was greatly loved at her little school, and she loved being there.  After we said hello to the last teacher she had, who genuinely misses Aubrie, we got back in the car to go home.  Just before we pulled into our driveway, Aubrie started crying, “I want my school!”  She wailed for a few minutes.  I could feel her grief.

Three seems like a young age to experience grief, but that’s not the only sorrow this little girl knows.  After all, I have adopted her and Logan.  They love me and are happy to be with me, but they also love their mother and know their dad.  It’s got to be confusing.

I’m actually glad that grief is part of the human experience.  If we didn’t have deep sorrow, we may never reach for heaven, where there will be no sorrow or grief.  There’s no one I pity more than a person who has never had an inclination to say a prayer out of desperation; God is found by people who pray those kinds of prayers.

The deeper the sorrow, the greater the joy that follows.  Jesus taught this principle when He was criticized for allowing a woman of poor reputation to wash his feet.  And He also made the point strongly throughout His ministry that the religious people who thought they didn’t need God’s Son were missing out on God’s salvation.

Aubrie wailed for only about 3 minutes; and then she pulled out some learning books, because that’s what she misses most.  Her grief has a served a good purpose today.  I’ll redouble my efforts to inject teaching time into our daily routine.  Memorizing Bible scriptures may be a perfect place to start, since her daycare already taught her all the basics, such as colors, shapes, and letters.



Luke 7:36-47

New King James Version (NKJV)

A Sinful Woman Forgiven

36 Then one of the Pharisees asked Him to eat with him. And He went to the Pharisee’s house, and sat down to eat. 37 And behold, a woman in the city who was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat at the table in the Pharisee’s house, brought an alabaster flask of fragrant oil, 38 and stood at His feet behind Him weeping; and she began to wash His feet with her tears, and wiped them with the hair of her head; and she kissed His feet and anointed them with the fragrant oil. 39 Now when the Pharisee who had invited Him sawthis, he spoke to himself, saying, “This Man, if He were a prophet, would know who and what manner of woman this is who is touching Him, for she is a sinner.”

40 And Jesus answered and said to him, “Simon, I have something to say to you.”

So he said, “Teacher, say it.”

41 “There was a certain creditor who had two debtors. One owed five hundred denarii, and the other fifty. 42 And when they had nothing with which to repay, he freely forgave them both. Tell Me, therefore, which of them will love him more?”

43 Simon answered and said, “I suppose the one whom he forgave more.”

And He said to him, “You have rightly judged.” 44 Then He turned to the woman and said to Simon, “Do you see this woman? I entered your house; you gave Me no water for My feet, but she has washed My feet with her tears and wiped them with the hair of her head. 45 You gave Me no kiss, but this woman has not ceased to kiss My feet since the time I came in.46 You did not anoint My head with oil, but this woman has anointed My feet with fragrant oil. 47 Therefore I say to you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much. But to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little.”