The Challenge of Pushing Past Chronic Pain

6 Mar

Do you deal with chronic pain?  I do and it’s just second nature now, not a big deal at all.  I have severe permanent tendonitis in both elbows and a terrific doctor.  This isn’t about my tendonitis, though.

My huge challenge is figuring out how to handle the heightened pain that comes with getting my body back in shape.  Last week I pursued physical exercise, and the resulting pain was mind-numbing.  Since I make a living writing, which requires the use of the mind, my work became far more difficult and painful than usual.

So…I’m having trouble psyching myself up to push forward with meaningful exercise that will help me lose weight.

One of the best ways for me to overcome this kind of challenge is to think about people who endure unimagineable pain every day and still make a positive impact on the world.  David Ring is one such person.  I heard him speak a few times at various churches.  This amazing man has cerebral palsy and has to fight just to speak words.  His story is so motivating.  Check out his website and read the PDF bio:  David Ring.


What about the story of Lance Armstrong, who overcame cancer more than once and went on to achieve great things as a bicyclist?  Wow!

We have soldiers who lay down their lives for our country, often losing their lives, their limbs, and more.  These courageous men and women face death routinely.  They’re heroes!  Thanks to soldiers, I have the freedom to enjoy my life to the fullest.

Probably most importantly, Jesus suffered and died so that I may live an abundant life, not an indulgent life.  He deserves a better servant than me.  But at the same time, He empowers me to do better, if I’ll just cooperate with the grace He supplies.


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